RÜFÜS have today announced the release date and tracklisting of Bloom, the anticipated follow up album to their critically acclaimed debut, Atlas.  Set for release on January 22, Bloom is available for pre-order from today with all pre-orders receiving a brand new track, Innerbloom and it’s a little different to what fans might expect. 
At a gargantuan 9 minutes and 38 seconds, Innerbloom is the perfect representation of what fans can expect from the forthcoming album.  It’s a true journey that will take you to places you weren’t even sure existed, and just when you thought you couldn’t fall any further into the blissful depths of Innerbloom; Tyrone, Jon and James reappear to entice you back to the place where you first fell in love with RÜFÜS.

Keeping on the theme of journeys, the 2015 return of the band has marked the next chapter in the RÜFÜS story, cementing themselves as one of the most exciting and respected bands in the burgeoning scene of Australian music on the world stage.  They’ve almost wrapped a massive, sold out, world tour; their debut album, Atlas has just gone platinum and Bloom’s lead single, You Were Right has now rounded gold accreditation.

And 2016 is set to be even bigger!

Lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist shared his thoughts as they announce Bloom and its piéce de résistance, Innerbloom saying, “For us personally, we were each drawn to electronic music because of the euphoric nature of it.  At its core, it brings people together to dance of course. I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but our favourite artists are our favourite because we’ve shared moments listening to them with friends or family that you can’t recreate.  Moments that you remember forever.  We really wanted to create those moments for other people with the songs from Bloom.  Innerbloom is probably the most personal song we’ve ever written in terms of where we are at as people. Hopefully, it can create for other people, some of the moments we’ve shared with each other and friends listening to our favourite songs…”

 (Fan Video we found on youtube)


Bloom is set for release on January 22, 2016

Pre-order: BLOOM 


1.  Brighter

2.  Like An Animal

3.  Say A Prayer For Me

4.  You Were Right

5.  Be With You

6.  Daylight

7.  Hypnotised

8.  Tell Me

9.  Until The Sun Needs To Rise

10.Lose My Head



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