Off the back of their second #1 ARIA album chart debut with sophomore album BLOOM bumping Adele from the top spot on the weekend, Aussie dance trio RÜFÜS have today announced a national BLOOM album tour for April/May, kicking off in Adelaide on April 29 and heading through Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania and Brisbane before finishing up in Auckland (NZ) on May 27.

Bloom, the eagerly awaited follow up album to Atlas by Sydney alternative dance trio Rüfüs, was well worth the wait, Atlas exploded onto the ARIA charts back in 2013 and spread like wild fire around the globe.

Rüfüs once again have once again produced a unique balance of soothing moods and energetic vibes, taking the listener on a journey in which they can relate to. You can help but appreciate the connection that Tyrone, Jon and James have together, it’s as though we are privy to a conversation between the trio, an art in itself.

The album eases us in with with an ever so subtle sample of pouring rain, preparing us for a story that is yet to unfold.  You automatically feel that you are part of something bigger, the music fills every vain in your body, hijacking your soul, and before you know it your body is one with the music.

R+£F+£S Bloom low res promo shot

The uplifting opening track aptly titled Brighter has you relaxed but energetic at the same time, a great way to start that can only get better. That it does, followed by Like An Animal, (released last year) building the energy again, almost without you realising, an extension of the previous track Brighter.

Say A Prayer For Me dials it back a notch and allows us to feel the strength of the connection that we have with the music.  Intermittently the beat is removed and brought back in seamlessly, again the connection is tight.

You Were Right slips in at track 4, which won Rüfüs, Best Dance Release at the ARIA’s last year, need I say more.

From here the album takes a bit of a shift from what we have been used to, but not too much of a shift that we loose the connection.  It is every bit what we love from Rüfüs, the remainder of the album has a slower, darker vibe that allows you to almost be consumed by it.
Daylight & Hypnotised carries with it a haunting yet soothing mixture of an under-tones, which you realise has been subtly introduced within the previous tracks, strengthening the connection once more.

The energy and pace picks up again with Tell Me, Until The Sun Needs To Rise & Lose My Head, each with a unique journey for you to embark on.As with all good things the must come to the end, the final track on the album Innerbloom, this track in itself is the work of genius.  This is where you really notice the beauty of such a communication that Rüfüs have.

This was the only disconnect between tracks, but for good reason.  I found myself reminiscing somewhat, the is a connection is not solely to Bloom, but also to there previous album Atlas, in particular Unforgiven, again the final and the longest track on the album.

 The track has almost grown or developed into something more, there are deliberate imperfections that give it that raw unpolished feel, mixed in with every feeling you have felt along the way.  It’s almost like they are taking you back to their roots, again a journey.

Rüfüs have kept true to themselves and bringing back with them a scene that I once thought was all but lost in the early noughties, and they are doing it with flair.  It’s no wonder that the world is embracing everything that Rüfüs has gifted to us, I for one do not want to let go.

Bloom will be released January 22nd 2016, do yourself a favour and let your body and soul be taken on a journey with Rüfüs.

Finally the wait is over, fans all over the world have been chomping at the bit for Rüfüs to release their second album Bloom, since 2011 these guys have been creating waves within the alternative dance scene and it would seem those waves are only going to get bigger.

JD caught up James Hunt from Rüfüs to discuss their latest album Bloom, Coachella and more;



JD – It’s been a long wait for your fans all around the world, was it a long process for your follow up album Bloom?

Hunt – The writing of the tracks would have taken us a good 9 months, during this time we were on the road a lot and away from our loved ones, which gave us some inspiration as to what we were writing.

JD – Listening to the album, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of various motions throughout, was that intentional?

Hunt – I guess you could say it was, travelling so much and being away from those we loved seemed to play a bigger part than we realised, there were times we didn’t even notice it, we seemed to be writing feelings more than songs. It became a recurring theme.

JD – Let’s stay on the topic of themes, there’s quite a few themes that came into play when producing this album, such as imperfections and under water animals. Tell us about those?

Hunt – Oh yes (laughs) well the underwater animals, that was a different medium we were merely dipping into, saving images on our screen savers etc, it did end up having a baring on the production of the album, you get that feeling of floating underwater, the way the water is darker the deeper you get.

As for imperfections, definitely a theme throughout, we enjoyed flaunting them to a degree, we were inspired by the Avalanches’ use of wonky and warbly samples in their album (Since I Left You).

JD – Were there any other artists that you may have been listening to, or helped inspire you along the way?

Hunt – David August & George Fitzgerald would be among some of the influences we had, we were really inspired by the patient structures of their music, it was really slow and it allowed you to sink into it if you wanted to, they weren’t trying to make it just radio friendly.

JD – Now there are 3 singles on the album that were released last year, the first of which (you Were Right) won an ARIA for Best Dance Release?

Hunt – Yes we’ve had a great response with all 3 singles released last year, and that was a very cool moment for us, it’s great to see that all of the other nominees Peking Duk and Alison Wonderland are killing it too. The Australian Electronic music scene is very healthy right now.

JD – Innerbloom also one of the three singles released last year, is that in anyway connected to Imaginary Air from your previous album Atlas?

Hunt – Good question, umm yes I guess so, they do have similarities.  This album has a much darker side to Atlas, and we were quite savvy with knowing what we liked and wanted to get from it, quite self indulgent of us.  This was also one of the quickest songs to be written for the album. Yes, there is definitely a tie between the two tracks.


JD – It’s all happening at the moment, but it doesn’t stop there for Rüfüs, you have also been named in the Coachella line up for later this year, which must be quite exciting?

Hunt – It’s pretty cool, and will be a great honour to be apart of such a big festival amongst some pretty big names.

JD – You are penciled in for the Saturdays of the big festival, are there any artists you are quite keen to see yourself while you are there?

Hunt – There are so many, one in particular I am keen on catching is LCD Soundsystem.

JD – Do you think there will be any networking, collaborations or side shows happening whilst you are there?

Hunt – We will definitely be doing some US dates also whilst we are there, and yeah anything is possible.

JD – What about your home base fans, any pending tour dates for us in 2016?

Hunt – We would love to do another tour at home, I can definitely see it happening later in the year.

Bloom is released on January 22nd, and as you can tell there is plenty more to come in 2016 from Rüfüs.