Melbourne model Jyselle, the woman behind WALL OF JASPER, has partnered with twin
sisters Amy & Lydia, the founders of The Ruby Road Project, to bring you the “PROJECT
HOPE” Fashion Show.

These three women, and their two organisations, share the same heart and have joined
forces to fight human trafficking, to set the captives free, and to rescue girls from living a life of
rape. In countries like Thailand and Cambodia, girls as young as 7 are faced with one option
—to sell their bodies as a means of survival. Worse yet, girls are kidnapped, stolen, taken
across borders, and sold into brothels, strip clubs, and clothing factories to become slaves.

Clothing factories are the focus of the PROJECT HOPE Fashion Show. The PROJECT HOPE
runway will showcase Spring/Summer collections from various Fair Trade and ethical labels,
including Gusto & Élan, HOKUM, and Jacob & Esau.

This runway will also be debuting the brand new WALL OF : JASPER hand-painted &
handmade cushion collection, and the new ethical clothing label from The Ruby Road Project

Proceeds from PROJECT HOPE go to Women Of Hope, an organisation in the mission field of
Cambodia who are rescuing female garment workers from terrible conditions and sexual
slavery in the factories where our clothes are made.

The purpose of this event is to challenge, educate & inspire us as consumers. We will realise
the power we have in our buying choices—something as simple as buying a shirt can change
the life of a young girl.

Buy your PROJECT HOPE ticket online at

MSB Contributor
Jyselle Des-Forges