On a cold winter of June 2011 Media Strikes Back producer Tristan Manas was marinating on an idea about a TV show he wanted to produce. Being new in Melbourne he wanted to explore more about the city’s culture and lifestyle. That curiosity became the driving force behind our weekly show called ‘Media Strikes Back’.


Often most people ask ‘How did you come up with the name Media Strikes Back? or what is MSB?’ There is always an assumption that it was a reference from a Star Wars movie. The answer is simply Yes and No… ok maybe not so simple. No because MSB is actually based on an idea about supporting local talents and giving them a platform to showcase and feature their skills where the mainstream television lacks. Yes because after thinking about it MSB is like the Rebel Alliance going against the Galactic Empire so it kind of worked both ways.


So besides the name and the fan boy craze, Media Strikes Back is a variety show about Melbourne’s arts, culture and lifestyle. We have been showcasing amazing music talents, creative fashion designers, unique events and colourful personalities Melbourne city has to offer. MSB has been part of the community for a while now and has been accredited and acknowledge as official media to cover massive events such as OZ Comic Con, Miss Humanity national finals, Melbourne Fashion Week, L’Oreal/Virgin Spring Fashion Week and more. Media Strikes Back strives to bring the best content that supports and focus on the creative community of Melbourne.


Media Strikes Back is brought to you by the hard working production crew over at Project 628 and aired on C31 Melbourne and Foxtel 183 Aurora Australia wide!